WiFi Smart Home Accessories

WiFi smart home accessories can turn your phone into a remote control for your house. Home security, lighting, appliances and speakers can be accessed remotely, giving you the convenience to change settings when and where you’d like.

Smart WiFi Video Doorbell
The WiFi doorbell provides a live feed that allows you to see who is at the door right from your phone. It has a built in speaker and microphone so you can communicate with your visitor remotely. The doorbell will also start recording once its motion sensor is triggered. An alert can be sent to your phone anytime the door bell is pressed. Capable of taking HD videos and photographs with 720P resolution. Infrared technology allows the camera to work in dark environment.



Light Up Logo WiFi Smart Plug With USB Outlet
Plug your lighting, speakers and appliances into this smart home device to control them right from an app on your phone. Conveniently compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.



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